How a Gallery Review should look like                                                      

This is a real Gallery Review     

Writing a Gallery review when works are installed in Galleries. Sweet shelters for art and works of art.                               Oh sweetness of rain protection;

                                             Oh sweetness of maze for mice. One cannot bring cheese!

Whatever that means!

The need to publicize their activity – its great, I just never left my house to get there……… at this public gathering

It is the time when I perceived construction destruction and actions fall into and switch places by jumping from the bucket of destruction to the bucket of construction. They sell buckets you know

My art bucket ‘s gonna be the most expensive!

Please read out loud:

Item for the D Bucket , jumping to the C bucket for ‘egg coat ‘waiting in space to get its turn for the frying pan and be positioned at a display vitrine   as a cultural work:

Please stop reading out loud;

They did not create in a state of ecstasy, but produced their work trough conscious engagement with the materials of everyday life, and encouraged the spectator to ‘rebel against art’. ‘The World War is a newspaper war…the press has created the World War.’ In one of Hausmans works ‘a hairdresser dummy provides the vehicle for an array of objects concerned with measurement of money.’ Calculability becomes objectification for social reality. Exchange of money reduces mind to the question of ‘How much?’. Mind becomes a calculating machine and its objectification as such, forms its mode of production. It is no surprise that Hausman called his ‘product’ ‘Mechanical Head’ or ‘Spirit of our Time’. They criticized cultural biases by giving examples of everyday social activities that appear to be embedded by logic, elites and social values.

My conclusion is that Dada is not the result of war, is rather the creation of it. Berlin Dada used Zurich innovation idea to make sense within the social context by affecting the constructive and conceptional dimensions of it. They used speech to confront rationality. By deconstructing language they revealed its function to control. Dada directly criticized the dehumanizing technological advancements that facilitated war by using technology (artifacts – products of technology) to make people witness that. Dada used technology (bits of mass media and different materials from everyday life) – the ratio of art to produce works; Art is a product of technology. But Dada was anti-art; it concentrated on ways to destroy and reject the logic of traditional art because technology as a work of art includes both the power conflicts of war and the structuralism of cubism and modern art. Moreover it could be said that Zurich Dada criticized reason by deconstructing meaning and values. They shocked the viewer with their peculiar performances and created a world based on no logic. This act conveyed that the creative process could be based on no logic and source of truth is not necessary for the ‘construction’ of something:

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Conscious engagement with thoughts or unconscious spectator that rebels against his conscious.

Is it possible, is it impossible a state of mind more important than anything else! See a cat can live inside; A cat can live on a line !    

Finding themes and developing forms that are relevant to my era and the industry ? accelerated communications?

I get to get A demonstrating gesture of dismantling the natural mode of expression and after a construction try and construct a destruction, compressing my system of sound and form, impressions to throw up on a piece of Microsoft Word Document and see what happens?

Follow me with your ideas

Unwriting a Gallerie Review (read out loud )


“now ruoy htiw saedi ym pu wollof ot uoy eripsni ton seod tI fi sselgninaem si yas I revetahW”

.sneppah tahw ees dna tnemucoD droW tfosorciM fo eceip  a no pu worth ot snoisserpmi , mrof dns dnuos fo metsys ym gnisserpmoc ,noitcurtsed a tcurtsnoc dna yrt noitcurtsnoc a metsys ym gnisserpmoc ,

We are done for today

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I need to have a look at my schedule and get some more buckets

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Can you read numbers?

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