----------------------------------------------text-ism . language games . automatic writing

Status: ongoing 

Most of her works are accompanied by texts - written conclusions on subjects placed under questioning [the action of conceptual “pointing”]. Text-ism is a type of continuation of Point-ism by answering the question of 'What is the point?'. Texts are not only direct explanations of the works; they are extensions of the works, which cannot exist without the texts. She believes the texts relate to her projects in ways that they 'complement' the work and that without them the work cannot be fully understood, nor it is in its final shape. Sometimes texts function as recipes for performances: a text is first created and strictly followed without changes, i.e. as a prescription of a particular outcome [RECIPE FOR THE FUTURE]. Many of her texts are theoretical discussions with the self and others based on her conceptual and visual happenings before and after a performance.

Other times, she uses texts to convert her experiences into a type of personal language-game; In fact, she uses text for the purpose to generate Text Drawings, Automatic Writing Wall-Installations, Thinking Instructions and Artistic Statements. They act as strong shifts between focusing and blurring of meaning. Texts attempt to reach an impossible totality and generate all possible meanings of one work with the conclusion that this is an infinite process and works of art are extremely productive in generating and translating meaning. Text is also used for the purpose of finding connections, transforming works, breaking down meaning to words, points and repetition of symbols. Texts ground works of art in focused meanings in terms of interpersonal communication and sending  messages,  but also disperse letters and reflect fragments of thoughts as they appear in the mind, without any apparent structure. This proves that there is an apparent pattern of meaning and information found in text even when there is no apparent structure used in common sense.