3 windowed video in which a performer (a Thought) re-stages the theater of her personal turmoil as a result of a real-life situation about miscommunication. This work is a type of meta-communication. A Thought is re-visited by remembrance of humiliating thoughts. She tries to reenact the experience that generated them, in order to punish the de-evaluation ritual; She projects herself so as to become conscious of the violence she acquired. Thought is impulsive and chaotic and shifts in between its chaotic fragments. The distortion in communication becomes stylized verbal expressions of truth that ought to be experienced through their temporary meaning in way they sound to the ear and the eye. Thought is in different rooms (in each the humiliation is revisited). Resolution is to be generated by Thought’s shifting in between the two states, of re-acting the elusive memory fragments of the humiliation inserted upon it, and the state of satisfaction that comes with observing its own unique nature of being chaotic and distorted.

Its initial purpose was to expose the humiliation imposed on it to understand the repercussions it had on her. Her chaotic nature was seen as disability and thus she looses the power of the massages she attempts to communicate; She realizes her herself: that her chaotic and fragmented nature is actually the greatest power she possesses. The conflict in expressing itself as focused, while its nature is a blurring one, thought becomes even more chaotic, thus observing its fragments and ‘shiftings’ in between moments of verbal de-evaluated bursts are transformed into verbal statements. Their function is as “to be” formal measurements of an objective research “out there”. 

The cancelation of resolution is generated by the inability of thought to express itself in accordance with structural verbal canons and thus thought becomes unable to restrict the blame imposed on its nature by the powerful meaning maker. Trapped and powerless to defend its self with the production of a meaningful message, when it can clearly feel that the "feel message" is important, though is in a state of shock/confusion, due to de-evaluation because it couldn't  talk when humiliation occurred. Thought’s ability to float in its ‘abstractedness’, instinctive world of circulation and fragmented meanings, becomes a priority; feeling the fragmentation and being in a chaotic circus of ‘ridiculousity’ becomes more important than exposing the mistreatment.