In This office of Mister Koutras

   Video Still, Tragedy in One Small Room        Video Still, In This Office of Mr Koutras

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Art is about communication


is a reaction, as a result of obstacles people create, she encounters during the art process. In this circular communication, the underlining idea is to take something extremely negative and try to convert into new positive meaning, through a humorist/critical feeling.

The two works: Tragedy in One Small Room and In This Office of Mr Koutras refer to two real life situations about culture-specific, social, behavioral and bureaucratic limitations that block and prohibit personal expression with signatures, permissions, approvals, rules, etc. 
REACTIVE-SCULPTURE is a ‘SHOUT-OUT’, expressing disagreement with these established rules and cultural punishment, which limit the the natural ways of being of the self. It assumes that these limitations makes the self act not as what it wants to be, but as what it should be. Reactive Sculpture is created to represent the struggle of the self with the self and the external world, as well as to provide a space where the self can act as what it wants to be. 
Most of themes include miscommunication, misunderstandings, 'bad-talking', 'inability to meet with works of art'. They explore subjects such as 'looseness', its value de-evaluation and other impositions transfered via language connotations; fixed perceptions, and failure to perceive structure patterns in something that generally "does not have a value".
The concept is different from c-groups and art-for-no audience in that the people who generate the works do not take part in the making, on the contrary, they limit or 'bad-talk' the making of a previous work.