----------------------------------------------p.int-ism. absurd. Talking to a yellow point.

Status: Ongoing
Point-ism is particular of her earliest works, characterized by Temporary Park Performances [ there is no record of]. They consist of verbal presentation of absurd scenarios [there is no specific audience invited]. This type of performances involves the visual or the conceptual presence of a yellow dot [often placed on top of works of art by other artists], towards which questions are being asked and answered.
The dialogue between her and the yellow
dot, can be understood by the 'audience-at-present' [when such is present] as “a life
absurd”, since her pointing is nothing more but “the
action of pointing”.
These works are typically understood as [but not limited to], the
questioning the ideas of artistic
authorship, the idea of value in
art and life is observed as an ongoing absurd.  Temporality is observed as a state of absurdness.
These performances involve continuous talking to works of art about art(non-art).  Cut-outs of writings by different artists & theorists are re-visited verbalized, pronounced either in slow-motion or speeded speech,  isolated to exist as repetitive sounds of, either words or letters, broken down and questioned. 'Audience-at-present' are being asked to hold imaginary objects in the air.
A yellow dot is left on the site, marking the location of the happening. The performer brings with her a yellow box which she takes away with her once the performance ends. The same box is used in all of the performances. Two of the corners of the box are marked with black X-es. The box contains materials and tools and is never opened during any of the performances.