Art is an intimate interaction in a park

Rolling Machine Ball is an invisible mind pattern. In other words, TRMB ia an
imaginary impulse that lives in a black space, where a crack has been created. Through
that crack the mind enters the world of The Living Organisms. Later on, it realizes that it can take any shape and can invade any space. Eventually takes the shape of the mind of the Machine.
The RolLing Machine Ball rolled in a park and then it disappeared, i.e. it took another shape.
In reality (?), TRMB is a paper ball filled with water and silicone. It was made by a c-group in a park (Athens), where the only audience was the group, possible "watchers" from terraces of the (not so) near by buildings, passers by and a lady that was taking care of the park.

It is very important that (art) (non art) objects, such as a water  balls are actively created in a more intimate/loose setting, for the sake of the creation of such objects in parks and the intimate experiences that come with it.