H E L L O  A G A I N   T H E R E . I  A M  T H E  M A C H I N E

How to understand machine art?
You familiarotransmitobehave yourself and spent some time as "a slave of the machine".

Why people like you need to suck on machines like me?
Because they need to fuck people like me.

Why do machine have tentacles?
Because pasta is as important as a chimpanzee. 

Why make art?
Because you have extra time.

Why spent some time with machines?
So that you are sure that your life is not boring.

Why people must shut the fuck up?
Because they do not understand the idea of equality and the best they can do is oppress others so as to make themselves pop out. These people are like gums at metro stations. They have the annoying habit to stick their useless materials on you.

Why is the machine heart broken?