Art can be about making holes

HOLE-ISM  &  hOles

I place holes in different context so as to examine the possibility of art to generate multiple meanings and infinite connections. Holes also represent my interest in converting nothingness into some-thingness, while exploring the invisible nature of art. I started with digging holes in soil for the sake of making a hole with my fingers, to observe myself from the outside and to photograph holes. Today, I make holes in a more aggressive manner as ways to re-state my obsession with themes sourced through holes.  
'Feeding on HOles' is such a Hole-ism performance
that involves the drilling of holes on wood and is an  attempt to produce an 'original hole'. 

Holes appear in my work before points. Specifically, I started with ‘digging holes in mud’ and videotaped the process to showcase the “action performed by the artist”. These works are typically red as the emphasis on the action of the artist and on the meaning of nothingness (a hole). Later on I photographed holes, continues to dig and drill holes in mud and other materia       ls.The production of “a hole as a work of art” is my way of qu           estioning the concept of value in art as contexts shift (w             hen a hole is a nothing into something). Seeing my work,           peoples relate to the very questions of value  and “the           point of the work”. Drilling and feeding on holes is an act       of female empowerment, an ironic commentary on works of art (holes) for sale and artists  preoccupation with “packaging” their art. What’s more, is a reminder that artists feed on their own art while making it; 

The holes 'present'after the

FEEDING ON HOLES performance