Art connects me with people, a personal note

I must begin with words that introduce me, telling you what is special about my work. What is not special, I must eliminate when many details appear important. Focusing on few of my works requires radical omission of most of the concepts involved. Judging what is less important can generate dangerous hierarchical order thus sacrifice equality principle. But, to communicate the totality of my work (if such possible) would probably take me a life time. Eventually this text becomes another work on its own.

What I think is special about me, is my work; the different ideas I experiment with, the people I meet on my way and the time I invest in organizing public art projects. I am constantly mindful of my works and keep them connected with people, which are a very important element. Art connects me with people. Every project involves new idea, new place, new people, new technology, new material and thinking of audiences in new possible ways. This way my art (especially performance) becomes an extremely productive technology for social connectivity and personal growth.

I am fed by the idea of discovery of new dimensions in art because simple explanatory models of the world do no longer suffice to describe reality. I strive for breaking the boundaries of the constantly changing art fields and test how life (performance) and art (performance) and a major audio-visual art (video) can cross to produce interesting hybrids; In fact, I observe the potential of performance and video to involve us and re-think live mechanisms of artistic networks for real-time art and human interactions; 

How the camera can transform our apprehensions of reality; 
How art communicates affairs on stigmatized social issues when other disciplines remain silent.