artist bio 

Born in the little Bulgarian city of Lovech, in the aftermath of institutional discipline, economic and societal inflation, she moves to Greece in the search for a fairer environment and other ways of moving. Beginning her Communications, Art History and Visual Arts studies, she collaborates with her teachers Effie Halivopoulou (painter) and Jennifer Nelson (performance); She gets involved in various projects with Toby Short (performance), The Guerrilla Optimists (group), Paul Zografakis (conceptual artist), Christina Georgiou (performance), and starts exhibiting her video installations and public performances to a broader audience. From 2008 (Athens) she is active in several underground and popular art events, such as Kafeneon Pop Art Project, ACG Art Gallery, the 2nd Athens Biennial HEAVEN 2009, EMST State Museum of Contemporary Art in Greece, ART-ATHINA 2010 International Art Fair, Hellenic Centre for Photography, Athens Photo Festival 2011 and simultaneously organizes her own Non-Gallery Installations, and Park Performances (individually and in Creative-groups she puts together).


The main themes I have looked into though my works relate to the possibility of art to ask questions about art(non-art), it’s production within a culture-specific context and its ability to catalyze social spaces. 

In my attempt to communicate, I label them and I present  two of them to you in detail: hole-ism  and art-for-no audience through the two performance projects Feeding On HOles and The Action of Breaking of a Hole into a Wall to Get the Action of Breaking The Hole into The Wall which you can find in their sub-tab menus.

Until 2011, she has developed four very important styles: HOLE-ISM, P.INT-ISM MACHINE-ISM and TEXT-ISM, realized through different medium: performance art, video art, film, installation art,  sculpture, sound art, text and conceptual writing. She is also the founder of REACTIVE SCULPTURE, ART-FOR-NO-AUDIENCE and ART-ALLIANCE concepts in her art.    
She is currently working on the project titled The Action of Building a Wall Between Bulgaria and Greece.