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spontaneous order

I want to settle down with the group.

Everyone performing APPLE at Photography as Performance, Athens Photo Festival APhF:11


 collaboration negotiates a form of public-alliance for young and any age artists, who share the vision to support each other in the art production process. Their recipe is to produce experimental art forms, to investigate, record, discuss, analyze Park Performances, alternative spaces and final imagery created. The members examine their spaces as parts of the other members' spaces; They take initiatives within the group, collect experiences and draw philosophical conclusions,in order to construct, re- interpret, and deconstruct art symbols. Their future objective is to extend this collaboration to a model for mutual learning  and emerging artistic production of Art- Outside- The- Gallery and alternative spaces. Art-Allience is a concept I developed and enjoyed its realisation during my participation (as an artist and as a coordinator) at 

Photography as Performance APhF:11

                                                    at the Athens Photo Festival
                                           Drawings I made after the performances    





                                           Christina Georgiou performing APPLE
                                                         Drawing by: Rosina Ivanova

Apple performance by Rosina Ivanova

connecting the pieces
People, Distances and Birth (in c-groups), The Rolling Machine Ball[TRMB] (in machine-ism) and The Breaking of a Hole into a Wall to Get the action of Breaking The Hole into a Wall (in art-for-no audience) projects are very similar to art-alliences groups, however they involve groups of people that generally do not make art for living.